Labour market analysis

labour market analysis

How often have we heard that jobs for life have ended, that temporary work is rising inexorably and that employment rights are a burden on business? Yet these supposed facts are very often based on half-truths or misconceptions.  WorkMatters Consulting aims to debunk the myths and offer commentary on labour market trends derived from robust and authoritative evidence. 

If you are looking for research on a particular aspect of labour market policy, or if you want to support some provocative thinking about the future of work then we are available to help. Our work draws on official statistics and an extensive review of the relevant literature.  Incisive analysis is combined with clear recommendations for both policymakers and employers.  

In the recent past we have published on a wide range of labour market issues including:

  • The future of employment relations
  • The impact of immigration on wages and employment
  • The importance of labour market flexibility
  • The future of the National Minimum Wage
  • How public policy can support employment in recession and recovery

We offer regular commentary on labour market developments, including the monthly unemployment figures and the impact of the chancellor’s budget decisions on employment over the year ahead.

Who’s Afraid of Labour Market Flexibility? (2005)
The National Minimum Wage: Retrospect and Prospect (2007)
Migration Myths:  Employment Wages and Labour Market Performance (2008)

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