Policy and advocacy

policy and advocacy

Exercising effective influence over public policy is rarely straightforward.  Organisations may be uncertain about where to begin, unclear about how to craft their messages most effectively and unsure about the time it may take to secure the desired change  in policy.

We can work with you to develop a strategy either for your organisation as a whole or on a specific set of issues.  WorkMatters Consulting has extensive networks across Whitehall and Westminster and we have a strong track record of influencing employment and job quality policies in particular.

We can also help with the drafting of responses to government consultation papers and can prepare materials for publication designed to influence the climate of opinion, drawing on our research expertise and policy insights.

One effective way to establish a presence in an important policy debate is to sponsor a seminar or a policy breakfast.  We can help with the organisation of such events by booking venues, working with you on invitation lists and offering an independent chair.  If you would prefer, we can simply chair the event to ensure that there is a neutral voice in the discussion.

An Agenda for Work: The Work Foundation’s Challenge to Policymakers (2005) 
A Boost for Britain: The Case For Activist Fiscal Policy (2009)
Both available from www.theworkfoundation.com